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Our Beliefs

Our Mission

GFC is a faith community in a broken world, sharing the hope of freedom in Christ.

Discipleship Process

Genuine Faith, Real Community, Tangible Service, Clear Witness


Confession of Faith

  1. We believe in the one holy and loving God, filled with glory, power and wisdom, who lives in eternal Trinity as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  God, who created and sustains the physical and spiritual universe, desires a relationship with us.

  2. We believe that all persons are made in the image of God with a capacity to make moral choices, and given the responsibility to manage creation.  God desires all human life to begin in families where husband and wife are covenanted together under one God for life.

  3. We believe that sin is a rejection of God's rule, beginning with the rebellion of Satan and followed by Adam and Eve's deliberate choice to disobey God.  Because of sin everyone has fallen short of God's will, creating a conflict with God, self, and others.  The penalty for sin is physical and spiritual death.

  4. We believe that the Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God, the final authority for faith and life.  God's revelation in the Old Testament through creation and the covenant was a preparation for the supreme revelation in the New Testament through Jesus Christ.

  5. We believe in God the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, fully God and fully human, who proclaimed the rule of God, lived a sinless life, died on the cross as payment for our sins, rose bodily from the dead, ascended into heaven, and reigns as Lord of all.

  6. We believe that salvation is a gift of God's grace, received through personal repentance and faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  Believers have assurance, forgiveness of sin, salvation from sin, reconciliation with God, and eternal life as they live in faith and obedience.

  7. We believe in God the Holy Spirit who gives new life to all who have placed their faith in Christ.  The Spirit, who indwells believers, continues to comfort, empower, gift, guide, and unite them to fulfill the mission of the church.

  8. We believe that the following Jesus as Lord in all of life means that the Christian Life is characterized by love, integrity, purity, and simplicity.  The believer's commitment to Christ and the global church becomes the standard for discerning the level of participation in society.

  9. We believe that the Church is  the visible body of believers, the global community of those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ.  Members of this body are covenanted together in local congregations and participate in the ordinances of water baptism and the Lord's Supper.

  10. We believe that God offers peace and reconciliation to all humanity through the work of Christ on the cross.  Followers of Christ's law of love affirm the sacredness of life as they make peace in personal, social, and international situations.

  11. We believe that the mission of the Church is to make disciples in all the world by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in evangelism and compassionate ministries.

  12. We believe in the return and reign of Jesus Christ the final resurrection, the judgment of the unrighteous in hell and the eternal reward of the righteous in heaven.

EMMC Connection

Gospel Fellowship Church a part of the EMMC (Evangelical Mennonite Missions Church) denomination. You can learn more by following the link below.

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